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IntroductionbrbrWe are dedicated to providing unique designs with high quality standard finishing jewellery in Domestic and International Market. We have high-tech decision making tools and advanced Jewellery manufacturing equipment> quality check system with the purpose of producing high quality fine Jewellery and have capabilities to deliver world class products.brs personal style is influenced by current […]

Wuzhou Holycome Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Wuzhou Holycome Jewelry Co. Ltd.We are a professional manufacturer and seller of synthetic gemstones.We have more than 10 years experience in gemstone industry since 2007.Our main products are Lab Grown Diamond,Moissanitecubic zircon, spinel corundum, crystal nano, glass and so on. We have a wide range of synthetic stones variety of materials, variety of colors variety […]


Diamonds for Everyone - The motto of our business.brbr Djewels is a Manufacturer> Wholesaler Exporter of 100& Hall Marked Customize , Certified Designer Diamond Jewellery in 18 K 14 K Yellow White Pink Gold and Kundan Polki Jewellery in 22 KT

Wuzhou Dengfeng Jewelry Co.,Ltd

Wuzhou Dengfeng Jewellery Co.,Ltd is located in Wuzhou of Guangxi Province which is the biggest gemstone manufacture base in China.We are the manufacturer wholesaler and retailer of cubic zirconia,russian zirconia,cz loose stones,synthetic gem,lab created gems,zirconium,American diamond,glass gems,simulated gemstone,moissanite,cz machine cut,heart and arrow,color change,star ruby,star sapphire,chatham,imitation,pearls,hydrothermal,flex,pulled,marcasite,natural gems,red ruby,blue sapphire,emerald,citrine,garnet,peridot,amethyst,white topaz,blue topaz,mystic topaz,pink topaz,Smokey topaz,Baltic amber,green amethyst,rhodolite,tourmaline,tanzanite,opal,aquamarine,moon […]

Guangzhou Aierhua Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Aierhua Jewelry Co. Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers of synthetic gemstone , 14k 18k gold jewelry in Panyu Guangzhou Guangzhou,China since 1991,with more than 50 employeesmonthly average production about 50 million pcs.There are many varieties and reliable quality. All processes are completed by experienced jewelry craftsmen, and each process has passed strict […]

Wuzhou Redleaf Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Wuzhou Redleaf Jewellery Co.Ltd is located in Wuzhou Guangxi Province which is the biggest gemstone manufacture base in China. the main products are cubic zirconia, glass spinel, corundumnano, nanocrystalmoissanite, lab grown diamond and other artificial gemstones that meet the needs of the market All kind of colors and shapes are available, such as white pink, […]

Wuzhou Faber Jewelry Co., Ltd

Wuzhou Faber Jewelry Co.Ltd is located in the most famous and word-wide gemstone city Wuzhou ,Guangxi China which is called )The Capital of Synthetic Gemstone ". We are a professional gemstone " jewelry manufacturer in China. We specialize in manufacturing all different kinds of gemstones such as lab grown diamond moissanite, cubic zirconia corundum, glass […]

Shenzhen Fanluoshi Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Fanluoshi Jewelry Co. Ltd. which belongs to Zhengzhou Better Star Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional company which dedicating to developing manufacturing, selling and after service of lab grown rough diamond loose diamond and customized diamond jewelry, with professional team.brbrAs a reliable supplier> we can provide various sizes and quality of lab grown rough […]

Cangwu Yiqin Jewelry Business Department

Yiqin Jewelry has experience in manufacuring of synthetic gemstone sterling silver jewelry in Wuzhou&GuangxiChina since 1995. with more than 30 employees,monthly average production about 50 million pcs. We specialize in manufacturing moissanite lab grown diamond, 925 sterling silver jewelrymother of pearl, cubic zirconia gemstone ,synthetic spinel synthetic ruby ,nano gemstone and other synthetic stones in […]

Wuzhou Cadermay Jewelry Co.,Ltd

Wuzhou Cadermay Jewelry Co. Ltd. is located in Wuzhou, Guangxi China, the capital of synthetic gemstones. Our company has been engaged in the gemstone industry for more than ten years. It founded by diamond grader and senior jewelry designer with many years of experience in gem production. We have fully independent jewelry design and production […]

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